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1. Business Analysis & Requirements Definition

This is the first step in the software development process. It involves developing and using tools to help better understand the relationships between the business activities and interactions between people and related business objects. The objective here is to identify processes that could be automated to save time or money. This analysis results in defining the requirements for new applications or changes to existing systems and applications.

2. Systems Analysis & Software Design

Based on the defined requirements and identified existing systems and applications used in the organization, we develop a high level design specification document presenting the system components to be developed or implemented and identify available options and development costs and plans.

3. Solution Selection & Implementation

This activity involves choosing an appropriate solution that meets the defined requirements and depends on the organization capabilities, objectives, and budget. Implementation may involve customizing an off the shelf software or developing a new application that integrates well with existing applications and other systems.

4. Custom Software Application Development

The activity involves programming a software application that meet the defined requirements and system design objectives. The application will have an appropriate user interface and be maintainable, reliable, and efficient.

5. Testing & Quality Assurance

This process involves validation and verification of the defined requirements and objectives and ensure that the right features are developed correctly.

6. Setup, Administration, and Support

After completing the testing and quality assurance, we plan the release into production and provide knowledge transfer sessions and all required documentation. We also offer the option to help with the setup and configuration, user support and training. In addition, we offer maintenance including bug fixes and upgrades as needed.

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